Guidelines for mentors of Travel Grant awardees

Before the meeting
  1. Send email of introduction and offer of assistance with any SPNHC meeting arrangements or travel plans.

  2. Offer to assist with preparation of presentation (oral or poster).  If possible have them send you a copy for review and provide comment.

  3. Ask mentee to provide details of travel arrangements and schedule first meeting with mentee in advance of meeting if possible.

During meeting
  1. Meet with mentee for face to face introduction and discussion of meeting program and highlights to attend (e.g. committee meetings, ice-breaker where they will be introduced by President, newcomer’s breakfast if they have registered, plenary session, banquet, special interest groups, business meeting, tours of collections and workshops).  Preferably arrange to meet before registration and lead them through this process.  As mentor, you are invited to the newcomer’s breakfast along with your mentee.

  2. Chaperone mentee to ice-breaker and introduce them to prominent members of society and those in their field.

  3. Meet with mentee to dry run through their presentation.  Provide support and encouragement as well as critical review.

  4. Check in with mentee from time to time during meeting to see if there is any assistance that can be provided. General support, face time and encouragement can go a long way to making the meeting successful and enjoyable for the mentee.  Attempt to meet with mentee for lunch at least once during the meeting.  It is however important to assess your mentee to see how much interaction they need or want.  For some, this may not be their first meeting or they may know a lot of the people at SPNHC already and may be comfortable navigating the meeting on their own.

  5. Liaise with Mentorship Sessional Committee Chair (Andy Bentley) and Professional Development co-chairs
    (Jeff Stephenson and Richard Sabin) if any problems arise or there are any questions you are unable to assist with.

  6. Assist with any other problems/questions/issues that may arise.

After the meeting
  1. Review any questions/problems/issues from the meeting.

  2. Provide necessary feedback to Mentorship Sessional Committee and Professional Development Committee e.g. mentee evaluation, review of mentorship program – problems, suggestions.

  3. Ensure that mentee has provided mentor evaluation and review of mentorship program.

  4. Assist with publication of presentation in Collection Forum or SPNHC Newsletter.