Presentation Information


Talks are scheduled in 20 minutes time slots including any time for questions. This will be rigorously enforced to accommodate concurrent session needs, courtesy for presenters and attendees who may need to move between meeting rooms. Presenters should plan to use their time slot with 15 min of presenting and 5 minutes for audience questions Presentation slides should be prepared and saved as either PowerPoint or PDF.
Computer on place are exclusively Windows based systems. Your presentation should be submitted prior to your scheduled session (this is: either on the day before, during coffee breaks or prior to the session) for upload to these computers, and there will be staff available to assist you. Alternatively, you can bring your own computer, for example if you prefer using a MacIntosh computer, but please do not forget the adapter.


Poster should be maximum A0 upright format and cannot exceed these dimensions. The format corresponds to a maximum of 84,1 cm (33’1’’) horizontal width and 118,9 cm (46’8’’) vertical height. Presenters will be provided with boards and thumbtacks, so all you have to do is to bring your poster.

If you want to print your poster onsite, we can recommend the following print service:

Centralstation Druck + Kopie
Danziger Straße 173
10407 Berlin
Phone: 0049 30 / 42 02 61 30
Fax: 0049 30 / 42 02 61 36

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 07:00-23:00
Saturday 10:00-18:00
Sunday 10:00-23:00

The print service is about 20 minutes by foot and 10 minutes by cab / car.