Abstract Information and Instructions

There will be two and a half days of general and technical sessions including talks, posters, symposia and the DemoCamp held at the andel’s Hotel on June, 22 – 24, 2016.

The conference is open to all topics related to the work and mission of SPNHC and the conference motto, in a broad interdisciplinary approach. Colleagues from other disciplines or different kind of collections are very welcome to contribute to this conference. 
The conference will include themed sessions. So far, they comprise following topics:

  • Green Museum  -  How to practice what we preach? (general session)
  • Preventive conservation and material science
  • Collections for the future – future of collections (SYNTHESYS Symposium)
  • Small Collections Symposium: Blending the educational resources of small and large collections for training the next generation of museum professionals (iDigBio Symposium, for more information see Symposia)
  • An International Conversation on Mobilizing Natural History Collections Data and Integrating Data for Research 
    (iDigBio, SYNTHESYS3, University of Oregon, for more information see Symposia)
  • Enabling Infrastructure: Future Collections, Data & Informatics
    (SYNTHESYS3, for more information see Symposia)
  • Setting global and local digitisation priorities
    (GBIF Task Force on Accelerating the Discovery of Biocollections Data, for more information see Symposia)
  • Developing a global research infrastructure framework for bio-collections
    (SYNTHESYS3, for more information see Symposia)
  • DemoCamp
  • Other topic (please send us an email with your preferred topic)
When submitting your abstract please mark the topic your contribution belongs to or tick off “other topic” if your presentation does not fit to any of these topics. If necessary we will ask you to help us with some keywords.

For more detailed instructions concerning oral presentations and poster, see Presentation Information.

The strictly-timed format of DemoCamp gives each presenter 15 minutes for a presentation plus 5 minutes for questions. No PowerPoints or other “canned” presentations are allowed. Only live demonstrations of functional software or applications may be presented. Demonstrators must provide their own laptops with all necessary software installed. A projector and internet connection will be provided.

Deadline for abstract submission is April 01, 2016.

All details are explained in the template on the registration system.All participants wishing to present their work in poster or oral form are requested to upload their abstracts into the m-anage system:

Conference book
All abstracts of accepted presentations will be published in the conference book. To produce a conference book that is useful beyond the actual conference, we will organize and publish it as a true publication (with ISBN number) and will give you the opportunity to submit a longer and more substantial abstract (short article) including figure(s) and a short list of references. 
The conference book will be provided to all participants during check-in and will be published online after the conference.

Please note that you have a defined number of words.
Title (20 words or less)
Abstract (200 words or less)
Main Text (1000 words or less)

Figure 1. Legend (35 words max)
Table 1. Legend (35 words max)